How to get your own Chlorella Culture

If you want to get started culturing chlorella, your about to learn how to get started in 3 easy steps.

1. Chlorella

2. Algae Grow

3. Tank, pump, & tube



When I first looked I found it nearly impossible to find good cultures luckily I found the Carolina Biological Company, best of all they sell bacteria free chlorella. You want to get chlorella vulgaris, that is one that is used in suppliments and biofuels.

 1. Get your chlorella culture here

Link to your first culture, warning get a tank! since it comes in 2 days by mail


chlorella Culture

The culture comes in a tube in the next 2 days. So I suggest you get your container ready to go BEFORE you buy your chlorella.

2. Get your container set up.

A simple jar, or water bottle will work. A 6.5 gallon tank is a great starting point, however I suggest getting a 10-20 gallon tank if you want to have a larger yield.

Heres a link to typical 6.5 gallon tank I would reccomend:

6.5 Gallon


Heres a link to a larger more pro set up:




I recommend also getting a whisper pump to get plenty of CO2 into the tank that will dramatically increase the chlorella’s ability to grow.

Whisper Pump:


Additional tubing needed for Whisper Pump:


3. Get some solution to feed your algae

Freshwater Algae grow

Algae Grow

You need to feed your algae a complex mix of minerals and salts if you want them to grow efficiently. Theres no better way to do this (currently) than with the algae grow from Carolina Biological.


I of course did all of the above, heres my current set up with a healthy culture after about 1 week.



Note: I wouldn’t consider harvesting this for food. These conditions aren’t satisfactory for personal consumption. However the culture is completely bacteria free and could be cultured for such a use, the problem is my container isn’t ideal. I’ll have to come up with another tutorial on sterile conditions in the future. Great for biofuels or just reducing CO2 emissions.

Hope this was helpful. Leave a comment below!

2 Responses to How to get your own Chlorella Culture
  1. cwatson says:

    Awesome post! What are the benefits and uses of chlorella? Are you experimenting or do you have specific future plans in mind for the chlorella you’re growing. Do you recommend specific articles on the matter?

    • blakedallen says:

      Thanks for the response! Chlorella is a potent detoxifier and a good source of protein. When dried, it is about 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrate, 5% fibre, and 10% minerals and vitamins. In conjunction with spirulina, it can be a complete source of essential amino acids and thus a viable food source. The chlorella I’m growing I would like to get to a food production level, however I’m not at a sterile level of cultivation yet. This is mainly a test run to build up to something like that. I like doctor mercola’s review about chlorella:

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